Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Return of Shark Boy and Lava Girl

This morning we went to our favorite park. The kids have been playing a lot of Shark Boy and Lava Girl lately, so where better to play than where part of it was filmed, at the playscape in Zilker Park.

It was nice to sit back with the camera and watch the kids play. So here are a few pictures from our morning.

By the way, I love The Boss Lady's new digital camera.
I caught a jump as it happened, thanks to it's really fast shutter.

A peek of the famous playscape, behind the girl.

The weirdest thing I saw today actually had nothing to do with my kids. For once. When we got to the park there was a preschool group out in the field trying to fly kites. 10 or 12 kids and 2 teachers were successfully keeping 5 or six kites aloft.

Then kite flying time must have been over. The teachers lined everyone up, reeled in the kites and walked the kids across the parking lot to the playscape. Nothing weird up to that point. But on the way they stopped each kid and made them throw their kite away. Huh?

So we went from 10 kids around the playscape to 20 in an instant and everyone of the new arrivals was crying their eyes out. I guess that is one way to end a morning of fun.

So I present to you a final picture. I call it Kite Carnage.

The funny thing is the teachers saw me taking pictures of the kites. So as we were walking to the car, one of them stopped by the trash can to push the left overs a little further into the can. I should have run over and snapped a shot after that...


Terry said...

Oh the horrors.... I am appalled!!

BTW The Talker and the Princess are just absolutely adorable in the pics!!

Mike said...

Terry Thanks for the kind words. They are cute kids.

And the kite thing? It was just really odd.

Anonymous said...

Why weren't the kids allowed to keep their kites? That's wasteful and just plain mean.

Mike said...

Ally Bean, I have no idea. My little brain can't figure out a reason. Maybe they were plotting to over throw the teachers with a bomb made of kite string and left over juice boxes.

Angel said...

It looks like a wonderful day and thanks for the great pictures of the kids!

Ummm I'll put that on my list of 10 things you can do to make a pre-schooler cry. What's next, taking their candy? sheesh. "Here kids, heres' a fun and exciting thing, now throw it away." *rolls eyes*

Mike said...

You go that right, Angel.

Of course, I am all for keeping the little buggers guessing. Don't want them getting too smart and figuring out that I am just faking my way through another day, but still...

Why would you WANT to make the whole lot of them cry? I understand 10 or 12 making you want to cry, but damn.

LID said...

Great shots! The "jumping" was cool!

The kite thing is absolutely ridiculous! I wonder if the parents know what their "tuition" is going for?

Ginger said...

I would guess the kites were probably the cheap Oriental Trading Co. type kites that rarely survive more than 1 or 2 flights. However, preschoolers would still be thrilled to keep them.