Friday, March 16, 2007

On the road again

We parted ways with Mickey Mouse this afternoon. Plans at the time included making a quick stop in Orlando to sleep a little while, so that we could hit the road early on Saturday.

The Talker really misses his room and his puppy, so we decided to get a jump on the trip. Once on the road, we decided we would drive ten hours or so, and make it back to Gulfport MS by 11pm to snooze.

But here it is 8 in the evening and we are holed up in a motel more than an hour short of Pensacola. Once I started getting a headache from the oncoming headlights, we decided that driving all night might not be in the interest of the greater good. Still, we did get a head start and we MIGHT be able to make the rest of the drive home on Saturday, so that the boy and his dog can be reunited.

Tired and poor. But full of warm fuzzy family happiness and good memories. Good night.


Terry said...

Glad the AtHomeFamily had such a wonderful time despite the illnesses that popped up!!

Thanks for the warning, time for me to scram... I took good care of the puppy , but he will be glad to see the boy too!!

Angel said...

A good idea to not drive with a headache. I hope you were well rested to drive today and make it home tonight. Vacation is awesome but there is no place like home.

Excellent. Fuzzy warm family memories are the best kind!

Mike said...

Terry, thanks for stopping by. You clean up after yourself. It looks just like when we left.

Angel, you are right. I am headed for MY bed right now!

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, once you've parted with the mouse, why wouldn't you want to be home with your bed and puppy.