Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OK, the synapses are firing again

As I stood up from the computer I felt a funny, tingling sensation on my feet and I remembered what I wanted to post.

I am now a Croc wearin' sumbitch. I bought a pair of Navy Blue Caymans last night at REI. With my annual dividend refund and a 20% off coupon, I am now trendy and stylish for only $15.69.

OK, I am a little late to the party, since these things are everywhere in Austin. Seems like every stay at home dad I know has at least one pair. I bet if I look hard enough at church, I'll see a few pairs there. If not, I think mine would look great with a navy suit!

So this morning The Talker sees me taking out the trash in my Crocs. He yells at me as he is running for the backyard, "Dad. You got Crocs. You are so cool!"

Thanks, boy. Yes I am.

By the way, with the nobby insole, these things are com-fort-a-ble. And oh, so sexy! Soon I will have the only fur-covered pair in existence, because they seem to attract dog hair like crazy.

Jealous, much?


Angel said...

Them thar are funny lookin' cowboy boots. lmao.

Nice. I have resisted the trend. They don't add much height to my 5'0" stature so they serve no purpose to me. LOL Enjoy furry feet!

Love Bears All Things said...

Your son thinks you're cool. Better enjoy it while you can.
Mama Bear

Mike said...

You give me a great idea. Crocs and a nice cowboy hat, that will surely be a hit at DWorld. Yeeeeeeeee Haw!

Mama Bear,
Good advice. I am sure it won't last through his teen years. Or Kindergarten.

Terry said...

I am soooo behind the times!! I still wear my Birkenstocks!!

I, too, have resisted the trend (no, surprise there Huh? Angel), because I think they look like glorified Jellies.... Ewwww!!, but glad you are Cool now!!

Mike said...

Terry, don't be so hard on yourself.

My feets love some Birkenstocks. It is just that I had to retire three pair last year some I had worn since college.

Now I just have to beg the wife for another pair this summer.

Jellies? OMG, Sis used to wear those things everywhere!