Sunday, March 18, 2007

OK. lets just get this out of the way...

Here are the first couple of things to know about a spring time 2500 mile road trip to Walt Disney World:

Most importantly, DON"T forget to pack some friggin' shorts. You will notice in our upcoming pictures that I am wearing nothing but jeans. Why? Because I am a moron. Yes, I could have bought a pair there. The mouse will sell you anything. For a price.

Also, never drive there with one of those car top carriers. Unless you want to share your shorts with some idiot who left his at home. We saw at least three that had flown off already and one that was flapping open, about to set sail. Unlike Terry, I got around him before the clothing carnage ensued.

And while we are on the topic of driving, I feel I need to apologize to everyone outside of Texas. With only one exception that I remember, every time someone was tailgating or driving like crap, I would look up and see their Texas license plate staring back at me. We tried to drive nicer than all of those jerks. But I understand if you never want to ride in the car with me.

I'll post some daily blogs and pictures form the trip eventually, but today is about sitting on my couch, with my remote, watching NASCAR on my TV.


Love Bears All Things said...

Can't wait to see the photos.

Idaho Dad said...

We just got back from a week at Disneyland. I kept a close eye on the weather report and had to work hard to convince my wife and kids that they would not need long pants in Southern California (it was 34 degrees here in Idaho when we left). Sure enough, as we were landing the pilot announced that the temperature was 97! Thankfully it didn't stay there, but we enjoyed 80's the whole week, and my jeans never saw the light of day. It was shorts and sandals the whole time.

Terry said...

Hmmmmmm ROADRAGE......
Hmmmmmm Why I manuever so well in NYC traffic?

Hmmmmmm Why you should get out of my way?

Oh that's right.... I learned to drive in TEXAS!!!!