Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Eagle has landed

Elvis is in the building. Santa is in the workshop. However you say it, we made it.

8 hours in the car today. One wrong turn that only added 10 minutes to our trip, so it is hardly worth mentioning. Except that it was The Boss Lady's mistake.

Notice how I never mentioned yesterday's wrong turn because that one was my fault.

Anyways, we gained one hour when we changed time zones, and we lose it again early Sunday morning, so this has made for one long day!

I might try to post a couple of pics in a few minutes. But we are all hitting the hay early, since The Mouse awaits!


Terry said...

I went to visit Rick this weekend and lost 2 hours on the way home...

Glad the AtHomeFamily made it in one piece!!

Mike said...

Yeah, he was skeeeered to wake you up when I called in my fog complaint.

Said you were sleeping like a baby and he was afraid you might hit him with one of the tequilla bottles you'd emptied.

Or something like that.

Angel said...

WOO HOOOOOO! Happy landing in fun zone. My goodness I remember how exciting it was to be there. Have a ton of fun and see all you can!!

Terry said...

SAM ADAMS, but no problem, I never heard the phone...I would have just taken it out on you anyway!!

Mike said...

OK, whatever, Terry, just calm down.

Put down that beer bottle. I don't wanna 'nother hit on the head.