Thursday, March 08, 2007

All this being nice

just makes me want to go kick some ass. Not really, I just wanted to sound tough. Instead I leave you guys wondering what the hell is Mike rambling about this time.

I have been trying to limit the amount of time the kids are in the car for the past few days, since they are getting a double-dose sized car trip tomorrow. But we had a few errands to run this morning.

Stop number one was the toy library. They let you check out developmentally appropriate toys, mainly educational type things, for a couple of weeks at a time. Anyways, we were on the way out to our car, which we had parked about 30 miles from the front door. Almost to our car, I saw a mom unloading several toys to return and I happened to notice that she still had to get her infant out of the van and try to get all of this stuff to the library.

I asked if she needed a hand and I offered to carry the toys up for her. I was a little bit flattered when she asked me if I would just stand with the sleeping 4 month old, since he would surely wake up if she tried to take his carrier out of the car.

The kids and I did our baby duty. The mom returned in short order and thanked us profusely. A little ego boost for AtHomeDaddy. And hopefully a simple life lesson for my kids.

This afternoon, I was getting the truck ready to go for a ride, to escape from my own kids since they did not nap today. Our neighbor waved me over and asked me to stay with his three day old baby, who was loaded into the car, while he had to run into the house and do something for a couple of minutes.

A second ego boost for AtHomeDaddy. Yeah for helping! The Talker and The Princess were not around to witness this time. They were fighting like tired and rabid dogs in our backyard. Which may explain why I was in the front yard.

It sure was nice to be able to offer up a little help today. Now I think I'll just return back to my usual grumpy self.


Angel said...

Helpful bloggers today! Yeah for us... even the grumpy one here. Awesome for you and for those you were wonderful to.

I hope you and your famn damily have a fan-tab-u-lous trip!

Terry said...

Good for you Mikey!!

I am ready for the Big White Dog baby sitting duty!!

Have FUN and say Hi to Goofy for me!!

Mike said...

There is no way in hell I am waking up The Boss Lady to say hi to her.

Oh you mean THAT Goofy.

Angel, Thanks. It should be a good time.

Love Bears All Things said...

You must look very trustworthy for a stranger to have you watch her baby but you did have kids with you so that helped. Such a good guy. You should feel good.

Enjoy your trip.