Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I liked him better when he was sneezing all the dang time

Yesterday The Talker started a prescription for allergy medications. We have now seen the devil. He looks just like our son, but he is all amped up on allergy meds. And he can't. Sit. Still.

It turns out that the extra energy The Talker demonstrated this afternoon may have just been the warning shot. And now I doubt he was resting or sleeping at nap time. More likely he was communing with the dark overlord. I think they were plotting their takeover of our house for this evening.

I have seen kids who were made completely manic by drug reactions and I always thought it was funny, since they had to go home with someone else. This time, it is not so much funny.

I put The Talker/Satan Boy on our mini-trampoline this evening to try and wear him out. Why not earlier? 'Cause I am an idiot, and I forgot about the trampoline. But at least I am not possessed! His mission was to jump and count to one hundred. Usually he wears out at 20 jumps or so. He went to 100 three different times tonight.

Add in the half hour of running laps, chasing his imaginary friend Pablo, who we haven't heard about in months, around the back yard and I think we will be changing that medication in the morning. Either that or we break out the horse tranquilizers. Since there is no way in hell I am giving this high energy Satan Boy a ride all the way to Florida.

Edit: We are giving him half the dose this morning and half tonight, instead of all at once. I don't know if it will help keep him from climbing the walls, but it might be his best chance to live through the afternoon.


Glenn said...

Hey, just wanted to say good luck with the meds. We just learned our son is allergic to eggs. No medications yet, though.

Oh, and I added you to my SAHD blogroll -- hope you don't mind.


Mike said...

Welcome and I added you to my blog roll, too.

Eggs are tough to avoid. Good luck!

Love Bears All Things said...

Are you giving him Claritin D? That's the way it effects me.
Mama Bear