Monday, March 05, 2007

It's for the greater good, folks!

There have been new toll roads opening up all over town in the last four months or so. We went from having no toll roads to having something like 50 miles of brand new tolled highways in a short time.

And they have been controversial, to say the least. Not surprisingly, lots of people don't want to pay even more to drive on the roads around here. Our property taxes and gas taxes are high enough, already.

We don't use the first batch of toll roads very often, but we are glad to have them for the traffic relief. This weekend the one toll road we have been waiting for opened up. This bad boy starts a few miles from our house and will eventually drop The Boss Lady about a half mile from her office. For now she still has to deal with a few traffic lights on the far end, where road construction is ongoing.

Anyways, she stayed home to help with Pediatrician's appointments this morning. Her drive on the old road took about 40 minutes at this time of day, so she was a little excited to try out the new road today. She left a few minutes ago to head to work and called less than 15 minutes later, letting me know she was almost there.

The real test will be coming home, when her drive is currently taking closer to an hour some days. Hopefully it will be another 20 minute trip!

All of you guys that whined about the new toll roads around here, please shut up. It looks like my wife will gain an hour or so a day, not sitting in traffic. Plus, she is missing something like a dozen traffic lights each way. And me having a happy wife is good for all of us.

It should work like this: The wife will be happier because of her new commute. I will be scoring more, since the wife will have a nice relaxing drive home every day. And that will make me happy.

Since I will be happier, I won't be cutting you clowns off in traffic and causing you to flip me off. Which ruins both of our days. My kids will be happier, since their parents are relaxed and scoring all the time. So they won't be beating up your kids at the playscape. Which can ruin a lot of days for a lot of people. And since your little brats won't be getting beat up by my kids, they will be happy. Which will make you happy. And maybe you will spread the love around some, too.

So there you have it. It is simple. Be like Mike. Keep paying your tolls and have a nice life.


Angel said...

Scoring with hubby makes me happy which is why I initiate it often.

Good luck on the happiness....ahhh spreading. Dear god that sounded bad. hee hee

Rick said...

It won't be long before you will have 2 more kids. Talk about job security.

Terry said...

I haven't scored since my last OB/GYN appointment..... *sigh*

Oops, did I type that out loud?