Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ooops, I did it again.

Moving Day came around again, this morning. Neighbor kids are over playing and I planned to get a jump on the house yesterday afternoon. I looked around the house and realized that I did not really want to clean. So I did man stuff.

I fired up the mower, the weed whacker and the electric blower. The yard was spotless when I finally quit at dinner time last night. It did not really help with the clutter in the house, but it made me feel better to have the yard squared away.

The Boss Lady and the kids straightened their rooms last night. Then this morning the wife cleaned the kitchen, while I moved the last of the clutter to the storage room, also know as the master bedroom.

One of these days we are actually going to put all of this clutter somewhere for keeps. The best idea I have right now, is in the big giant dumpster behind the convenience store up the street. Maybe all these kids can keep busy for a while, while I drive Marge up there with the first load.


LID said...

Wouldn't a permanent dumpster in the backyard be easier... throw the clutter right out the windows -- maybe even build a cool ramp! I'm just thinkin' out loud here...

Terry said...

I am thinking the relocation of this stuff would not be a problem if Junkin' had not been cancelled!!

I still have those extra boxes sitting in my home too. Let me know if you decide on the dumpster!!

Angel said...

Everyone has junk lying around their houses and it's a constant struggle, especially with kids who grow out of clothes and toys. Blahhh. I'm sure you're managing and it sounds like a team effort.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

My dream is to rent one of those big construction dumpsters for a week and see how much junk we can get in it.

Your post reminded me of a dumpster run I made at Christmas. I posted about it. Come on over and read.