Saturday, March 10, 2007

Six to snooze

We are going to throw the beasties in the car and get moving pretty quickly. It is pretty foggy out there, so we might have slow going for a while.

Best news from the little bit of web surfing I did last night? Looks like we are MORE than halfway there. Orlando, here we come.


Ginger said...

Sorry we couldn't do anything about the fog. Next time, please put your order in earlier.

Mike said...

Yeah, they had some fog alert signs out in Mobile, but they were hard to read because of all the fog...

What are you guys trying to hide down there?

Rick wouldn't tell me because he was afraid Terry would hit him with a tequilla bottle if he did.

Or something like that.

Angel said...

Wow that was early!? And how pleasant were the little ones that early? I'm glad you're still doing well!!

Mike said...


They better be, or The Boss Lady might want a refund on all this fun.