Monday, March 19, 2007

Flat Stanley is in the hizzzzzzzzzzzzouse

Flat Stanley arrived from Alabama today. Looks like he had a pretty comfortable trip,no battle scars to show or anything.

Since I was too wimpy to take the kids out today, Flat Stanley hung out with the kids and played in the backyard. They also made some silly hats for Stanley, including his very own set of longhorns.

Stanley is in good hands, here in Texas. I'll just try not to cough on him too much while he is here, OK?


Terry said...

OMG!! I met Flat Stanley about 2 weeks ago.. He is an awesome dude, and some of his life stories are hilarious!!

Ginger said...

I hope Flat Stanley is enjoying his visit. I knew that you would get a kick out of this project. I did not know this was something schools everywhere did. B will love reading about his adventures. Remember to send him back by the end of March.

Sally said...

I LOVE Flat Stanley! My niece in TX sent him to my niece here in KS, and we had so much fun taking pictures of him everywhere. That weekend he was here, we took pictures of him in the Hummer, and at the fire station where my FIL works, and then we considered taking him to a bridal shower with us, but we thought that was a little cruel. Oh well! =)

Anonymous said...

I totally love flat Stanly!!!!!!
He is awesome!!!!! I have a flat Stanly of my own and he has a girl friend named Rose. If any schools are interested to get flat Stanly projects please email me at