Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's a musical journey

I sat this morning and loaded my digital music player for the road trip. A few highlights from my selections, lots and lots and lots of The Master of the Telecaster, Albert Collins. Also, several Greatest Hits collections from Willie Nelson, George Strait. There are selections from Lyle Lovett, Norah Jones, Guy Clark, Kris Kristofferson, Edie Brickell and Bob Schnieder.

But enough with Texas music. I also have some U2, Billy Joel, Cowboy Junkies, Harry Connick Jr, Alan Jackson and Ray Charles.

Then there were a couple of last minute additions to fill the player. Todd Snider and Tracy Chapman. I still need to tweak the playlist a little, to make sure there is no wasted space, but I don't for see any major changes.


Angel said...

Eclectic mix of music there. I guess my rockin' music would drive you up a car window then. LOL You're a busy little bee down thar aren't ya? Getting excited yet? I would be. Heck, I'm excited FOR you guys!

Mike said...

I love some harder stuff, but no one wants to be cooped up in a 150 sq ft car with me getting all amped up listening to the harder stuff.

And something about roadtrips makes me want to listed to da blues, therefore lots and lots and lots of Albert Collins. That is about all I listened to when I made the trip to 'Bama back in November.