Sunday, March 04, 2007

All Disney, all the time...

Leaving later this week on a three thousand mile road trip to Disney World. Realizing that Friday is quickly closing, we are in full-speed packing and preparation mode. Yesterday The Boss Lady packed suitcases for the kids and herself. They all worked on packing snacks and selecting toys for the car trip.

The Boss Lady is setting each kid up with an aluminum cookie sheet they can hold in their laps while they play with toys. To keep the noise down, she glued down some rubber sheets to the pan. Now the pans hopefully won't be too noisy, but will be rigid enough to hold up to 3000 miles of legos and hot wheels.

The wife has already established rule number 1 for the car. NO CRAYONS! The kids will get colored map pencils for their creative needs. They even get pencil sharpeners because you can vacuum up pencil shavings but not melted crayon.

I worked on getting the car ready. We are hauling extra junk on one of those trailer hitch mounted cargo carriers, so I started playing with how to best utilize the space. We bought the cargo carrier a while back but this will be it's first real trip. Yesterday I found a lock that keep the the carrier attached to the trailer hitch, so don't even think about trying to steal my cargo carrier.

For my final trip prep of the day, I watched National Lampoon's Vacation. And after seeing how small our Saturn Vue really is inside, I think The Family Truckster would be really nice, right now.

A side note: Did you know there are currently 39.1 million Google reults for Disney World but only 2.8 million Google results for Willie Nelson. Where is the justice?


Angel said...

Wooo hoooo! I'm excited FOR you guys. Disney World is fantastic! Have fun!

I just showed my 7 year old son your blog and told him that you will be going to Disney World. I said 'they live in Texas and will be driving there."

He replied, "They're going to drive there? From Texas? They don't have reliable cars in Texas."

I was befuddled but baited well so I asked, "Why?"

"Some are horse drawn."

hahahahahaha sorry, I had to share. Kids.

Mike said...

My Papa used to have a mule team to pull a wagon around the farm.

Maybe we could hitch up Jack and Ann to the Saturn and hit the road!

The gas mileage would be better and the smell would not be any worse than it will be with our kids trapped in a car for a day.

Darren said...

Driving to Disney World?! Good luck with that.

Mike said...

Yep. Going to make them earn their fun with the mouse!

Terry said...


Mike said...

Not only will I be in the left lane, I'll be stopping short and weaving through truck traffic.

Maybe you will see us on the East coast!