Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Let's Dance

I need to throw out a little Mean Green love.

After all, my parent's spent enough money on the place while I was there. I mean really, if they were not paying off my professors, then how else do you account for that diploma hanging in the hallway?

I digress. The Men's Basketball team made it to the NCAA Tournament. It is always good to see the UNT doing something good. And it was super cool to see them play on ESPN2 last night.

Go Mean Green! Long live Eppy!


Angel said...

Hubby loves his college basketball March madness.

Congrats and I hope they do well for you, their fan's sake. Hubby's rooting for Penn State (his alma mater... sic)

Mike said...

I am assuming we will get killed in the first round, but everything leding to tip off should be fun.

Angel said...

I hope not but enjoy all you can. ;-)

Oh and fix your boo boo head. :D

Mike said...

Drugs and sleep. Mostly better now, Thanks