Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Hey Dad, let's bust it up!"

Cleaning house, doing trip prep. I start checking out the fridge and the pantry for anything that we need to use up or throw away before we leave. After cleaning out the leftovers in the fridge, I moved on to the mini fridge and the freezer out in the garage. Surely there is some stuff that needs to be thrown away out there.

Two old beers, dumped in the compost bin and the mini fridge can get turned off for a couple of weeks. In the deep freeze I found a couple of water filled milk jugs of solid ice. We stuck them in the freezer, when it was new, since all of our frozen food had spoiled with the demise of the last freezer. And supposedly these things work more efficiently when they are at least half-full. So we froze water in milk jugs.

Anyways, I took the last one out to make room for other stuff. I decided to see what Kodak would do with it in the back yard, so I hurled it out there. But the dog never got a chance.

The Talker just spent 90 minutes beating the frozen snot out of that milk jug. He used anything he could find, shovels, garden rakes, and big sticks. He was proud enough of the carnage that he came to get me after it was over. "Hey Dad, I got all of that ice out of the milk jug for you."

I think he got a pretty good work out. He is now resting in his bedroom. And I think I'll go freeze another block of ice, so he will nap again next month.


Angel said...

hahahahahahaha... I wonder if that would work with my kids. Hmmmm interesting theory.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

THAT'S how you raise a boy. Nicely done!