Friday, March 09, 2007


That is it. We will be walking out of the house in the next hour. I might be blogging a little from the road, but no definite schedule for that. Will surely be back online by the 19th.

If you come over, be sure and clean up after yourself and be prepared, The Big White Dog is going to be WILD, since he will be bored silly in the backyard. So wear shin guards and knee pads when you go out there.

While you are here, make yourself useful and finish up the kitchen floors and the living room paint, OK? The vacuum is in the hall closet and the duster is under the kitchen sink.

Adios Mofos.


Terry said...

Okay, but you forgot to mention where you keep the Tequila.. Dont worry, I will find it, probably in the master suite, is that door still closed??


Mike said...

I am sad.

Because you think I am dumb enough not to take all of the liquor in the hous with me.

For goodness sake, I'll be in the car for almost 20 hours WITH my WIFE! I think booze will be in order when we hit Gulfport MS tonight.

Angel said...

I hope you are having a totally awesome time and only mild drinking.