Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Like snack-eating moths to the flame...

I just spent half an hour cleaning up the kitchen. It was spotless when I walked out of there, about 15 minutes ago. Now? I doubt it is still clean, but I really don't want to go see.

As soon as they spotted the nice clean sink, the kids wanted to play "Cups". They haven't played in a while, so I caved and they are now happily trashing the kitchen.

Cups involves a trickle of water coming out of the faucet and one side of the sink closed off, to hold the water in. The kids get out the plastic cups and measuring spoons and they...

Well, I don't exactly know WHAT they do in there, but they will keep busy for an hour and the only damage is usually a wet floor, a stack of dirty plastic cups and a couple of changes of clothes for the kids.

So raise your cups and splash the morning away. I think I'll go clean some bathrooms.

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Angel said...

My daughter is playing with water all the time and getting drenched. Sneaky little peanut. I'm spending too much time drafting darn it.