Saturday, March 10, 2007

Scenes from the road.

Our first stop for more than a potty break was at a visitor's center in Louisiana. Gators don't seem very welcoming to me, but what do I know?

There are a whole series of pictures from the point where we hit 1000 miles on our journey, but I think this one tells most of the story.


Angel said...

Awwww such cuties!

And bud... I think she was irked you snapped a pic of her. Careful. You want to ENJOY the vacation. If mama ain't happy nobody is happy. Have fun all!

Terry said...


everybody switch aren't you glad you packed LITE!

Mike said...

The worst part?

She took her own picture. Cause I drove every freaking mile of this trip. And by that point I had no business messing around with toys behind the wheel.

Angel said...

Okay... so she took her own picture looking that 'less than happy'? okey dokey then.

Yeah, hubby does the driving. Except when he had a stroke of genius leaving at 10 pm and get there by morning. I'll post about it someday... don't get me started. LOL Have a good time with the guy with the big ears!!

Mike said...

I think she will get to drive home, so that I can get a little rest, too. But I hoped she would be fully ready to tackle the kids when we arrived and it seemed to work great!