Thursday, March 01, 2007

I got nothin'

Since I last posted, no one has been to the Emergency Room, the psych hospital or to to the police station. We haven't needed the service of a plumber, roofer or candle stick maker. Neither the fire department nor the paramedics have stopped by. No one has any new addictions, hobbies, major phobias or noticeable stutters.

The Talker does have a wicked bad bruise on his arm that he knows not from whence it came. And The Princess hasn't walked out of the house in a week without her pink boots. The Boss Lady has lost her voice and my keys to her car are still missing.

The garden is mostly in. Just a few herbs, tomatoes and potatoes to plant. The Big White Dog still stinks, since I never finished brushing him out after I spent two hours working on him last week. 8 days until we leave for Cannonball Run '07.

So there you go. Like I said at first, I got nothin'. But it has been a good week, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

There's good nothing and there's bad nothing. Glad that you've got the good kind going on right now. Sounds delightful.

Angel said...

Nothing is good.

8 days! Ohhhhh I'm jelly belly! I wanna come!