Friday, March 09, 2007

Beg for your life, you lowly breakfast

I present you a quick break from Cannonball Run 07/Disney 24/7 blogging.

The Princess is sitting at the dining table, while I am catching up on email and reading the news online. Since our computer is only 6 feet from the dining table I am getting a pretty good narration of breakfast. And it seems like the chocolate mini-donuts are losing the battle.

Oh NO! She is here to eat us! Everybody run!

OK guys, heew is de deal, I won't eat you, OK?

Yeah, for us! Thank you, lady.

Just kidding, CHOMP! Bwah ha ha ha! Chomp!

Oh no, RUN!!!!!!!


Angel said...

That sounds like my Peanut! LMAO... that is awesome! Thank you for sharing that. hee hee

Mike said...

I was trying not to laugh, since everytime I made a peep, the carnage would stop for a little while.

Fun stuff!

Terry said...

Sounds like she may have a future in Law Enforcement!! Donuts BEWARE!!

Mike said...

Oh man,I don't even wabnt to think of the carnage she would cause if armed for real.