Thursday, March 08, 2007

T minus 28 hours, 29 minutes and counting

to lift off.

Other Dad talked me into taking a different route for the first leg of our trip. My route had us going right through Houston on I-10. He used to live there and he described that route on a Friday as going "into the belly of the beast". Even if I am heading to Disney World to worship at the altar of the Great Mouse, "belly of the beast" just does not sound like a place I want to go. Google Maps be damned, we are taking Other Dad's route.

The last couple of days I have caught up on laundry and house cleaning. Hopefully we will finish loose ends tonight and in the morning I will get the car all packed up when The Boss Lady heads to work for a few hours. If the plan works out, she will get home, we will grab a quick lunch and hit the road before noon.

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