Sunday, March 11, 2007

We are on vacation.

How do I know this? We have a sick child. 102.3!

I hope Cinderella has a good immune system.

We are getting a late start this morning, but everybody needed the sleep. Plus, both kids wanted the chance to fall out of the bed in the middle of the night.

No I did not push him, I swear. Even though he was kicking and punching me in the face all night. Did The Boss Lady push the girl out of bed? Probably. She is like that at night.

Actually, we aren't sure if it is a late start. There are clocks with three different times in this room. And the front desk didn't sound too sure either.


Angel said...

Awwwwww I'm sorry for the little one and for you all. We've had that happen. (the sick on vacation AND the falling out of bed.)

I hope they feel better soon and enjoy the fun. You might already know this but if you pay one lump sum for a double stroller in advance for all the days you'll be there you'll get a card to use at each park and can fast forward to the front to get a stroller each time AND you get money back (like $5) at the end of the time using the card. Just sharing. I know you packed some (saw them in the pics) but thought I'd still share.

Ginger said...

Yes, my kids wanted to sleep late while we were at Disney World. But I had them up before daylight (it was Jan) and out til after 9pm. I told them they could sleep when we went to the beach.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

Blogging from the Happiest Place on Earth! Very impressive. I'm proud of your commitment to your faithful readers.

Drink a $6 Coke for me!

Mike said...

Angel, I am actually thinking about selling our strollers and connectors to someone before we leave the park. It is great becasue we can seperate them when we wish

Ginger, That is right, sleep is for wimps and places that don't charge $350 an hour.

MBI, Yeah, coke. No Dr Pepper in the entire kingdom, except for the gallons I brought with me!